Our Values

Our clients extend the frontiers of knowledge, educate and train the next generation of scholars, creators, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. They impact the social, economic and political landscape, and shape the world in which they interact.

As increasingly global institutions, the diverse perspectives, viewpoints, and creativity acquired from the faculty, staff and students on campus, enrich an institution. Clients entrust our firm to guarantee that talent recruited is as representative of the global citizenship they continue to prepare.

It is simply not enough however, to set arbitrary standards on the recruitment of diverse faculty, staff and students to move an institution forward. It requires working with clients to ensure a disciplined, collaborative strategy to attract and support these highly sought after leaders in their assimilation along with a detailed plan to allow them to flourish.

Through the use of advanced technology and deliberate outreach to a series of networks, we actively monitor and develop relationships with the next generation of leadership talent and pay special attention to emerging “stars” from under-represented groups. We continue to maintain frequent communication, and provide extended counsel throughout career ascension.

Furthermore, every assignment we undertake begins with a focus on diversity and inclusion, and is actively monitored throughout, from the initial research through recommendations of semi-finalists and finalists. We are proud of our record of the active development and recruitment of robust, diverse pools of candidates. In fact, over the life of our firm, 68% of candidates placed have been women and persons of color.

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Simply put, it's the
right thing to do

We continue to be fervent in our advocacy for diversity and inclusion. Being recognized for our ongoing efforts in leading scholarly journals, trade publications, popular magazines, and associations is nice, of course, but that’s not why we remain committed to making significant headway in the fight against gender, racial, and ethnic bias — unconscious or otherwise.